Is Joint Pain a Normal Part of Aging?

Recently, at a coffee shop I overheard two middle-aged men discussing knee pain. “It’s just a sign of aging” one said, with the other nodding in agreement. As a doctor who works with people in pain every day, this was difficult for me to hear. Yet, the notion that pain is an unavoidable part of aging is too common. 

Similarly, this week I had a follow-up with another middle-aged man, who I’ve been treating for chronic knee and low back pain with integrative care and prolotherapy treatments. Following his 2nd treatment, his symptoms had improved so significantly that his only gripe was why no one had offered him prolotherapy for pain sooner. 

So is pain a normal part of aging?

Pain is one of the most powerful messages your body can send to signal something is wrong. People tend to habituate and normalize pain, but imagine how much better life could be without chronic pain.  If you or someone you know is curious about my approach to chronic pain, I offer free 15 minute visits. 


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