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Dr. Chad is hands-down the best doctor I have ever seen. His demeanor is calm, thorough, attentive, positive, and personal. Dr. Chad has the ability to elicit confidence and build report in his patients. He is knowledgeable and dedicated and views things from a holistic approach. He helps guide you and give you the resources you need to be empowered to take the necessary steps in creating a healthier, happier, you. The characteristics, knowledge, professionalism, and expertise found in Dr. Chad are rare. If you have the opportunity to be a patient of his I would highly recommend it.
— Aubree

I highly recommend Dr. Borys as a skilled, smart, reliable and empathetic naturopath. He is able to access, diagnose, treat effectively and is excellent at explaining what is going on in a way that includes the patient and allows for a meaningful collaborative relationship. He has your back!
I initially went to Dr. Borys for frustrating symptoms of menopause including insomnia, weight gain, low energy, hormone imbalance. I was very impressed with his knowledge of menopause and his ability to think outside the box, research and create a plan of care that was not overwhelming and easy to follow. I was also experiencing poor digestion, bloating and low thyroid and vitamin B and D. With an initial focus on diet, hydration and supplements I began to improve over the next few months and can say I have so much more energy, much reduced menopausal symptoms including sleeping throughout the night, weight loss, more balanced hormones and thyroid back to normal levels.
I am so grateful for Dr. Borys’ support, council and expertise it has been invaluable.
— Claire

Dr. Borys is a warm and compassionate physician who has helped me with all health and wellness issues. He seeks not just resolution but wellness maintenance thereafter. He successfully treated a hiatal hernia that otherwise would have required surgery and provided me with tools to minimize recurrence. He righted a bladder condition within weeks rather than months and likewise provided me with preventive measures. He spends the time needed to see to your total well-being - physically, mentally, and emotionally. I couldn’t recommend a physician more heartily for kind, compassionate, and complete care!
— Ann

I have never been to a Doctor who listens as well or cares as much as Doctor Chad Borys does. When you go in to see him, he looks at your ailments from every angle he knows, takes what your saying, and helps you in a way where you feel like you are also part of the solution. When you are working with him, you really feel like he cares and wants you to be healthier and happier. I would recommend him to anyone!
— Noah

When I first came to see Dr. Chad Borys I felt broken. Everyday I would wake up with terrible back pain. I had a horrible time putting on my pants and shoes. I couldn’t bend or twist for work. Within 3 months of seeing Dr. Borys I had most of my mobility back. Seven months later I am pain free most days. He supported me throughout my injury and it is an experience I will not soon forget.
— Jacob

I have never experienced more comprehensive and holistic healthcare. Chad has treated specific ailments while providing realistic strategies for improving my overall health and wellness.
— Charlie

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